Film/Video Transfer Services

VHS to DVD – Magnetic media has a shelf life. Transferring your video tapes to DVD will make them last a lifetime.   The sooner you transfer them, the higher (sharper) the quality.  Read more about VHS to DVD transfer.  Hi-8 to DVD – Many families still hang on to their 8mm, Hi8 or Super 8 tapes even though they don’t have the video player anymore. Read more about Hi8 to DVD transfer.
Mini-DV to DVD – Mini DV tapes record is a digital technology with sharper video resolution.  However, the tape media itself is magnetic and prone to degradation with time.  Read more... Film to DVD – If you are still holding on to film reels, they are probably 30 years or older.  We examine the film footage, repair sprocket and film
damage, then clean it for optimal projection and results. 
Slide Scanning Services – Convert your 35mm slides to a digital image for multi-purpose use:view on a DVD, print it, email it, add it to a video. The best part? You can watch it again! Read more... Hard Drive Transfer – Transfer to a hard drive so you can edit the raw video, add music clips to silent film, special video effects.  Our hard drive transfer is a flat fee of $39.  Read more