The Right Way to Do Movie Transfers

Movie transfers are our business. We know what to do and what not to do. If you are shopping around for a place to transfer your VHS tapes to DVD, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Do choose a company that does the work locally (ideally, in-house). Plenty of “discount” video transfer companies save money by sending your VHS tapes off to another country to be transferred. That sends shivers down our spines! Don’t risk your VHS tapes being lost in the mail, and don’t risk having a lab team you can’t talk to. When our customers have an issue, we can fix it for them right away since our team is right here in our store. Similarly, if we run into something unexpected or need to ask you a question, we can just give you a call – unlikely to happen if your tapes are in another country!movie transfers
  • Don’t choose a company that doesn’t give you the information you need. We make a point of being transparent, both on our website and in person when you visit us, about our process and pricing. We have a 10-point safety checklist you can peruse so you know how we treat your movies when you leave them in our care.
  • Don’t do it yourself! We hear from people all the time who tried to do their own video transfer at home with some kind of kit, and it didn’t work out well. Leave this to professionals with decades of experience.