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Oct 28, 2008
Hi Myrtha,
I received the DVDís in the mail on Saturday and wanted to let you know they came out great!! Thank you so much for all your hard (and speedy) work. I canít wait to give them to my family!
Good luck with the holiday rush!
Deirdre D, Boston, MA

Oct 22, 2008
Hi Myrtha,
Just wanted to let you know that the film transfer came out great! The check for the remainder $235 has gone out today in the mail.
Thanks Again,
Mark T. Marlborough, MA

Oct 8, 2008
Great. Thanks for taking care of it and bringing it to me. You do go the extra mile (or 5).
Evren Celimli, Arlington, MA

Sep 10, 2008
Wow, just got the DVDs back. The quality is great. I was concerned because the film was so old. But it turned out excellent. Thanks.
Carl Hall, Boston, MA

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