Hard Drive Transfer

More and more of our customers are requesting that their films or videos be transferred to a hard drive. Why? Because video editing has become simpler and they want to edit their movies – add music, video transitions, special effects. Watching unedited raw footage can be like watching grass grow. Editing allows you to trim scenes, add titles, intersperse photos between video scenes, and even add voice-over narrative. For silent 8mm and 16mm film, adding a music from the era can set the mood and enhance the viewing experience.

If you’ve never edited videos before, don’t let your fear hold you back. You may want to check out our Make Home Movie video tutorials. It’s the guaranteed quickest way to turn raw video footage into an engaging, entertaining home video using Windows free video editing software: Windows Movie Maker.

You’ll watch me demonstrate step-by-step, click-by-click how to add narration, music, nifty transitions, and special effects to your videos. The course also shows you how to share your finished video: on the web, by email, burn it on a DVD or transfer it to your iPod, iTouch or iPhone.