100% Quality Guarantee

In the event there is any problem with your order, please notify Video Transfer Boston at (617) 901-4564 immediately. Due to the large file size of video we can only keep movies on file for 30 days after shipment. If upon receiving your movies you discover a technical problem with the transfer we will be happy to attempt a retransfer. In the case of a technical problem with the transfer, we may need to have your home movie materials returned in order to correct the problem.

30 Day Refund or Re-transfer Policy for Video or Film Transfer

We are confident we are the best in the world at what we do. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our transfer, you may pursue a video or film retransfer or request a refund. Simply follow these steps:

* Contact Video Transfer Boston within 30 days of your order’s most recent ship date, according to the shipment’s tracking number. We will e-mail you a Refund or Retransfer Confirmation Form. Our contact information is located here.
* Return all of the DVD or hard drive that we produced for the order in the condition that you received it. Include the confirmation in the box with your media. In cases of re-transfer, it may be necessary to return the original video or film to us as well.
* Retransfers will be completed as promptly as possible and then returned to you. Refunds will be credited back to your credit upon receipt of the media. Please note that refunds will not exceed $150.

Before pursuing a refund we highly recommend you have your film or video transferred by another company. We have never had an instance where another company’s transfer surpassed our own. We are confident that you will find our transfer to be superior and a refund unnecessary.

We reserve the right to refuse a refund or retransfer after 30 days.

Compatibility Guarantee

We guarantee all our products, including DVD and hard drives, meet universal standards and specifications. Our DVD-R discs will play in over 95% of players in existence and most all players made in the past couple years. If a DVD we produce will not play on your DVD player we will sell you a DVD player at cost (under $50) or provide you with a VHS copy of your order at no additional cost to you. We use high quality name brand discs and print your titles directly on the DVD, no stick-on DVD labels are used as these can cause spin problems.

Payment Policies

We will give you an estimate of your order when we receive your video or film. Transfer in the lab may find variation from your original estimate will be credited to your customer account or charged to your credit card as soon as your order is completely through the transfer process. If your video tape (VHS, mini-DV, Hi8, Super8, 8mm tape) is more than two hours in length, we will transfer the whole tape and bill your credit card accordingly. Your files will be kept for 30 days to allow film customers a chance to use our online editor and order more copies. All edits and copy orders must be completed in that time. Subsequently, the files will be removed from our servers. Please call us right away if you need an extension.