A beautiful bride, I’m guessing

Somewhere in your house is a drawer full of film reels and videotapes — aging home movies shot with a big, bulky camcorder that has long been eBayed or given to a niece or nephew. Your VHS player or film reel projectors are long gone too.

Below video is a wedding movie from a film reel from 1949. The reel was very well taken care of, and the film was in excellent condition. But the effects of time on magnetic media takes its merciless toll. By the time this film was digitized, we cannot make out the bride’s face.

With our Memories3 Technology, we transferred the reel to the best possible quality achievable. Our results would be much more stellar had the film owner not waited so long.

If you live in the Greater Boston area, we will pick up your tapes and reels for free. You’ll get back a DVD you can watch on your DVD player and a web version you can email to friends and family. Call us today : (617) 901 4564 email us at