Film Transfer

8mm/16mm Film to DVD Transfer

Do you remember…
…the birth of your child, your favorite family vacation, a proud graduate’s ceremony? The beautiful wedding that brought the whole family together? Or family vacation that everyone still talks about? Those are very special moments of our lives. Chances are, there is a home movie of it!

8mm Film Transfer to DVD

It used to be that once a year, your family would gather around a film projector and watch these movies and laugh about them all over again. But, as we move forwards into the modern age of technology, those projectors are replaced by DVD players and computers. Many of us don’t even own a VHS player anymore, let alone a film projector. Since we don’t have the means to watch these precious movies, those great memories on film are probably sitting in a dusty attic box, the movie sharpness and color slowly degrading away.

“Without your services, my family and I wouldn’t have been able
to see our Super 8 home movies ever again. They are now preserved
and are able to be enjoyed once again.”
Debbie- Westfield, Massachusetts
Our mission at Video Transfer Boston is to give you the unparalleled opportunity to preserve those deteriorating films and share them with your children and your children’s children – all in one step! You will have the chance look at the past while preparing for the future.

Call us today at (617) 332-3300 for a free consultation or pick-up of your film reels. In a week’s time, receive a finished DVD you can enjoy on your DVD player and computer. We also create a web video version for you to share with your family and friends.

Not sure what’s on your film reel?  Call us to reserve a film viewing station at no charge.