Terrible Advice for Slide Scanning

bad-advice-1If you have some slides you would like to have scanned, we can help! But make sure you haven’t taken any of this bad advice, first…

  • Expect your slides to last forever. That’s bad advice – no film product lasts forever and slides are no exception. The color can fade or discolor, and slides can get damaged or dirty. Best to bring them in and get them digitized sooner rather than later, so that you can forestall any possible damage.
  • Similarly, store your slides any which way. That’s bad advice, too. To keep them clean, safe, and in good shape as long as possible, store your slides in a carousel or a box or case designed for storing slides. Too often, we see slides that have been kept loose in a bag or shoebox, and their condition often suffers. Remember that slide scanning transfers the image from the slide to a digital file – if that image is already damaged, we will be transferring that imperfect image.
  • Finally, expect your slides to come out better as digital files than they looked as slides. That’s bad advice! The process of slide scanning does not alter the image, and it definitely won’t make your aunt Sue a better photographer. If a photo was dim, or blurry, or had color problems to begin with, the digital file will simply be a direct copy of that original and will have the same photography issues. We will attempt to correct slides that are badly discolored, but if it becomes a photo restoration project, that will add time and cost to your estimate. If you know that several of your slides need “fixing,” please let us know when you are dropping them off, and we will build that into the estimate.

Now that you have some bad advice cleared up, we would be happy to help with slide scanning! Give us a call or come in and visit us.