Time to Convert VHS to DVD For the Holidays!


“And after dinner, we’re going to see what Daddy looked like when he was your age!”

Imagine sitting down on the couch with all of your family, after a big holiday dinner, and reminiscing about great old family memories. Now imagine being able to see those memories before your eyes! As you can imagine, bringing those old family memories to life one more time is especially great right around the holidays, when everyone is together.

We want to help you with that project. If you have VHS tapes that you would like to convert to DVD, the time to bring them in is now! Remember, transferring your VHS to DVD takes time, and we want to make sure you receive the finished product in time for your needs. There is still time! But don’t wait; come in as soon as you can. The same is true for any other transfers you need (for instance, digitizing slides or audio).

Check this helpful chart to help you determine when you need to bring in your project:

VHS to DVD 1 – 2 weeks (depending on project size)
Photos/slides scanned 1 – 2 weeks (depending on project size)
Audio (cassettes, vinyl, etc) 2 weeks
Custom video photo montage 2 – 3 weeks
Transferring to hard drive (instead of DVD) add 3 days

We can also do rush orders for an additional fee. Please let us know if you have a time constraint on your project when you come in!