VHS to DVD For a Last-Minute Gift!

That’s right, it’s that time of year again… time to rack your brains for a last minute gift idea for that special someone who is so hard to buy for. We are here to help! Have you considered transferring an old VHS tape to DVD for them? You might think that would take too long to be ready in time. But no! If you are just transferring one VHS tape, we can get that done for you in about a week. No VHS tapes? No problem! We can also transfer an 8mm film, or even some slides or photos.

Even better… you can make the present into a surprise, like our customer in this video. How fun!

And once you have surprised your loved one with the DVD of their old treasured memories, come back in and tell us all about it! We love to hear that you made someone’s day by preserving their memories.